Laminate Worktops And The Benefits

Benefits Of Laminate Worktops.

Laminate worktops are one off the most popular worktop used in the everyday kitchen because they are the most affordable with prices starting from just £70.00 and upwards depending on the make, style or design you desire.

Laminate worktops are very hard wearing and easy to maintain, not forgetting they also come in an extensive range of colours and textures. You can even get laminate worktops to mimic the look of wood effects such as oak or beech and even granite. So whatever style of kitchen design you have opted for you will almost certainly be able to find a laminate worktop that compliments your kitchens personality.

Axiom, Prima, Omega and Duropal Laminate Worktops are the most popular worktops in the UK and are all available on our website along with a selection of matching up stands and splashbacks.

Standard Texture And Matt Laminate Worktops
Standard textured worktops are the cheapest and most commonly used surfaces in kitchens. These are at the lower end of the scale for the price of laminate worktops and there’s so much more to choose from than any other textured worktsurface as they come in an extensive range of colours and patterns from the likes of marble to granite. They are very easy to maintain and clean and they don’t show scratches as easy as the gloss laminate worktop and they will hide marks and scuffs more effectively. Further more, what’s great about choosing a standard matt texture is that they generally carry a longer guarantee.

Gloss Laminate Worktops
Gloss laminate worktops come in a great range of colours and patterns and some great vivid ones to, they will look stunning in any style of kitchen, from contemporary to classic. They will need more care and attention and you will have to look after them very well, but the stunning shine may be well worth the extra effort.

Wood Effect Laminated Worktops
Wood effect worktops are more affordable than Solid wood worktops and will give you the same look as wood but with out the price tag if you are on a budget. You can still achieve that rustic, earthy look with a laminate. Wood effects are also a lot easier to maintain and clean than solid wood worktop as you won’t have to sand and re-oil them. They come in some great effects and textures too such as oak, beech, ash, and even a walnut finish. They will look stunning in any kitchen design and can really add that authentic touch that you desire with real wood.

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