Splashpanel for your bathroom or shower room

        • Splashpanel is made from PVC plastic
        • Splashpanel is completeley waterproof
        •  Splashpanel can fit directly to tiles
        • Panel dimensions 2.4m (H) x 1.0m (W) x 10mm (T)

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Black Crystal

light grey marble

pearlescent black

pearlescent white

pergamon marble



white crystal


Installation instructions are available from your SplashPanel PVC Waterproof Panelling supplier and are also included within the product packaging.

SplashPanel FAQs

Is Splashpanel waterproof?
Yes. Splashpanel is made from PVC plastic and is completely waterproof. If the panels are to be used in a wet or humid environment, we always recommend using silicone sealant between the panel joints to avoid water getting behind the panels.

Can I fit Splashpanel myself?
Yes. Splashpanel can be fitted by a competent DIY person with no need for a professional. The added benefit is the ability to fit the product using general DIY tools.

Can I apply Splashpanel directly to tiles?
Yes. You can fit the Splashpanel directly to tiles as long as the tiles are secure and flat. We recommend that tiles are well cleaned and ideally sanded/roughed first to allow our adhesive to take a strong hold.

Do you offer installation instructions?
Yes. All panels are provided with full installation instructions and should be adhered to when installation takes place.

Are the panels solid PVC?
No. Splashpanel is extruded PVC which has a corrugated structure. PVC material is much lighter than many other composite panels making it easier to handle and install.

How do I store Splashpanel?
Splashpanel must not be stored vertically, leant against walls or any object as the flexible nature of the panels may induce bowing. The panels must be stored flat on a dry, surface within a normal heated room environment. Handle the panels with care to avoid damage and when lifting it is recommended that 2 persons lift the panels and appropriate care is taken to avoid any injury.

Can I buy accessories to match?
A range of installation and finishing accessories are available to complement your Splashpanel PVC product, they ensure a trouble free watertight installation and on going high performance of the panels. Please ensure the recommended panel adhesive, high quality sealant and accessories are purchased prior to commencing your installation.

What does a Splashpanel weigh?

Panel Weight: Approx 11 kg including packaging.

What size is Splashpanel?
Panel Size (All dimensions are nominal)

2400mm (H) x 1000mm (W) x 10mm (T)

Dimension Tolerances.
Height- 0 to + 20mm
Width + / – 3.0mm
Thickness + / – 0.5mm
Squareness +/- 1.5mm

Do I need to maintain sealant after fitting?
Yes. Invariably sealants can break down over time. It is essential to ensure sealant is maintained to avoid water getting behind the panels.

Is Splashpanel UV Stable?
Splashpanel PVC panels have an element of resistance to both artificial and natural UV light but they are not however ultimately UV light stable and therefore fading of panels may occur over time due to direct sunlight. To minimise this effect it is recommended that curtains or blinds are used as necessary during prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

Is Splashpanel CE certified?
Yes. EN 13245-2:2008 Plastic- Unplasticized polyvinylchloride PVC-U profiles for building applications and internal wall linings. System 4 EC – CoC – IN-SH-CP-5612-13015

Does Splashpanel come with any Fire Certification?
Yes. Fire Rating tested to BS EN 13501-1:2007 achieving an F.R classification of C, s3, d0

How do I clean Splashpanel?

The surface of Splashpanel can be hygienically cleaned with Splashpanel spray cleaner, which is a mild nonabrasive cleaner with an anti-bacterial agent.