Axiom Laminate Worktops

Axiom Crystal | A sophisticated texture that offers a delicate shimmer

Axiom Matt58 | Partnered with designs inspired by natural materials, Matte58 delivers a clean and modern look

Axiom Finewood | The detailed wood graining in Finewood is a stunning feature of this texture, giving you a natural yet premium wood finish

Axiom Puregrain | Available in four beautiful wood species, Puregrain is a smooth, linear woodgrain with a super-natural look

Axiom Gloss | High gloss worktops offer a perfect luxury finish for stones and woods

Axiom Scovato | Subtle highs and lows breathe life into Scovato textured worktops, creating beautiful, smooth kitchen surfaces

Axiom Etchings | Subtle surface detail highlighted by a soft polished sheen gives an authentic granite look to the Etchings collection

Axiom Honed | honed is a highly tactile finish that emulates the look and feel of brushed matt stone

Axiom Lustre | Bring an element of sparkle to your kitchen surfaces with Lustre. This unique texture captures the translucent effect of quartz particles found in natural stone