Laminate Worktops What Are They Made Of?
Laminate worktops are a counter top made specific for  use as a kitchen worktop.They are made from high-density chipboard; plywood or MDF, coated in a plastic laminate. they are probably the most popular worktops used in kitchens in the UK.

Who Makes Laminate Worktops?
Top manufacturers of laminate worktops are Bushboard. Axiom, and Duropal They produce over 250 designs between them in the UK and are all available to view or buy from this website. www.laminate kitchen along with a selection of matching up-stands, splash-backs and fittings.

How Many Different Styles And Lengths Do Laminate Worktops Come In?
They come in arrange of lengths ranging from 3m, 3.6m, to 4.1m. And widths range from 600m, 665m, 670m and 900m.There is a large range of designs and colors to choose from, starting from the most common black to  adventurous reds. There is a range of options and finishes  to choose from including  high gloss, matt, standard, honed, riverwash, riven and etching laminate , Manufactures have also designed worktops that mimic other effects such as, wood, marble and granite.

Are Laminate Worktops Easy To Maintain And Are They Hygienic?
Laminate worktops are easy to maintain and are very hygienic and can last the life of the kitchen, but it is strongly recommended that a chopping board is used to help prolong the work surface.

Why Buy A Laminate Worktop?
Laminate worktops are the most affordable, and will suit any budget. Secondly, Laminate worktops come in a huge range of colours, with some great new vivid colours too. You can even get laminate worktops that imitate other looks such as wood effects, oak, beech and even granite and marble with a square profile its hard to tell the difference. Thirdly, laminated worktops are easy to keep clean. Because of the waterproof surface which makes it easy to clean up any type of cooking spills. Fourthly, laminate worktops are quite easy to fit and you don’t have to be a specialist to install them, they can be installed using normal diy tools.

Why Not Buy a Laminate Worktop?
Firstly, it’s strongly recommended that you use chopping boards or worktop savers to prolong the life of your worktop, as not using them can leave your worktop damaged by cutting and sliding sharp and heavy objects along them.Scratches and cut marks cannot be removed. Very hot pans placed straight on to the worktop will leave scorch marks and Secondly, when choosing a laminate worktop you will limit yourself on what kind of sink you can use. Under mounted sinks or Belfast sinks are not suitable for laminate worktops.