Duropal Kitchen Worktops

Duropal worktops are the perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite and stone worktops at a fraction of the price. Our comprehensive selection of decors offers opportunities from the most modern applications to the more traditional. 61 exciting decors – 23 in the popular Classic profile and 38 in the unique Quadra profile.

Duropal Top Face | Standard texture slight shimmer
Duropal Gloss | A fashionable yet enhanced performance gloss finish designed
Duropal Semi Matt | an enhanced performance matt finish
Duropal Top Velvet | Smooth silky velvet feel surfaces
Duropal Fine Grain | Fine texture surfaces

beige orion

brown ottawa

chapel oak


grey ottawa


welsh slate

Duropal Crystal Stone | Surface texture especially suitable for both plain colour and stone reproduction decors


aranea beige

flash black

ipanema grey


quartz stone

taurus sand

taurus stone



Duropal Rustica | Rustic finishes

Duropal Worktops – Highly Resistant

Melamine resin is the hardest of all synthetically produced organic materials. This is the reason for the high scratch and wear resistance of HPL. The high impact resistance of the material is due to the elasticity of phenolic resin.

These properties also explain the high resistance of HPL to chemicals and heat. Burning a cigarette on the surface of HPL is one of the quality tests specified in BS/EN 438, which also determines all the other qualities important for the user.

However, the bottoms of some saucepans can become extremely hot and we recommend using a protective pad.
Conforming to BS/EN 438

Cleaning Instructions

There’s nothing easier than cleaning and caring for Duropal Worktops.
A major advantage of Duropal Worktops is that the HPL surface makes cleaning so simple. Usually a moist cloth is sufficient, but use washing-up liquid to get rid of any grease. Stubborn dirt can be removed with an organic solvent such as methylated spirits or alcohol. Brushes with hard bristles (but not wire brushes) may also be used.

Why choose Duropal worktops?

Duropal – the HPL and worktop specialist – is part of Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH (www.pfleiderer.com), a leading European manufacturer of engineered wood materials.
Since 1958 Duropal has been a world leader in the manufacture of deco rative high pressure laminate (HPL), and for over 40 years the best selling worktops have been manu factured from a dense wood particle board core surfaced with a decorative high pressure laminate (HPL).
The majority of kitchens will con tinue to feature this type of work top as it is easy to fit, durable and hygienic with many décor options available at a reasonable price.
Tiles can make an attractive surface but the grouting must be sealed, and hygienic cleaning can be difficult. Solid wood tops require regular treat ment with oils and may lack long-term durability. Slates and granites give a fine finish but can be difficult to make secure ”invisible” joints. Compo site worktops benefit from a smooth, seamless surface even in to sink bowls and upstands and are resistant to normal kitchen hazards. However, the choice of decorative effects is limited and prices for such tops are high.

Certified to the highest standards

As a large consumer of chipboard, we ensure that all our material carries the PEFC certi fication, guaran teeing that it comes from properly environmentally managed and sustainable sources. We have also achieved independent PEFC accreditation to provide surety for ‘chain of custody’.
How Duropal worktops are made
The core of Duropal worktops is E1 grade high density particle board. Pfleiderer manufactures this ma terial from a mixture comprising resin and small wood chips, pressed to make a large sheet. A cut section will reveal layers. Small particles form the outer surfaces and the core is made from larger chips. This structure gives strength, re tains fittings, allows machining and provides an excellent surface for adhesion to HPL.

The underside of the worktop is protected by a moisture barrier foil. Leading edges are ”postformed” to the underside demonstrating an
attractive and practical profile — both our Classic and Quadra profiles are shown below. The joint between the postformed HPL and the
moisture barrier foil is rendered moisture-proof by a ”V” groove filled with cast resin. This special seal is unique to Duropal worktops and
helps to prevent liquid spills finding their way into drawers and cupboards and gives extra protection when used in hazard areas such
as above dishwashers and laundry appliances. Duropal worktops are 4,100 mm long, the optimum length for the average kitchen thus
helping to reduce waste and unwanted offcuts. Duropal worktops are 40 mm thick, giving a rigid surface, a firm anchor for fixings and
an aesthetically pleasing appearance.